How to drag and drop mp3 files from ubuntu PC to ipod touch 4 gen

I was struggling to find the solution how to move mp3 files from my ubuntu14.04 PC to ipod touch 4 generation.

Rhythmbox, this software can browse Pictures and other recorded voices, but was not able to copy and paste mp3 files from my ubuntu14.04 PC.

But, just I have found the quite simple solution here!


Install filer app into your iPod touch.

If you would like to copy just only mp3 files, EZMP3 Player is really easy.

  1. Install EZMP3 Player into your ipod touch
  2. Connect your Ubuntu PC and iPod touch with USB cable.
  3. Automatically open the folder which shows “EZMP3” icon on your Ubuntu PC.
  4. Double click the icon > Duouble click the “Documents” folder.
  5. Now, you can copy mp3 files from your PC to “Documents” folder.

Then, Open the EZMP3 icon on your ipod touch, and you can find the mp3 files already copied.

What about mp4 movie?

Also, iphone app named “Clipbox” can manage mp3 and other kind of files like, mp4, pdf, etc.
This app is capable of downloading youtube movies as well.